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Drone Check is a division of Extramedura Services, a counseling service specialized in executing audits and making inventories of stocks, both in the maritime world and the automobile sector. Extramedura Services was founded in 2005 within the confines of Extramedura, an independent insurance office.

Insurance automatically implies an expert’s appraisal and assessment. This is the very context in which, fairly soon, we started experimenting with drones which  -to our mind-  offer new efficient possibilities to assess damage in hard to reach places such as roofs and outer walls. Making use of drones was the obvious next step. We soon realized that not only did they offer a surplus value to our appraisal activities but they could also be instrumental in other applications. Hence our  decision to opt unequivocally for those new opportunities. How? By  investing  heavily in technology and training. We took up courses with experts, employed a team of professionals and managed to obtain the necessary permits.

Today Drone Check is an extremely reliable partner for a whole series of specialized services ranging from inspections, stock appraisals,  topographical mapping of data and much more. Do you want additional information? Under What to Do? You’ll find the necessary details about what we could possibly mean to you.

Furthermore, we should point out that Drone Check can rely on a vast network both at home and abroad. This allows us to react promptly both nationally and internationally should this be needed for whatever assignment.


The specialized services which  we offer are quite diverse but may roughly be put into five categories.

Assignments relating to inspection and control.

Taking stock of storm damage to buildings, checking wind turbines, inspecting industrial sites, executing expert appraisals etc. Drone Check offers you a very clear image of the facts. Our apparatus is equipped with both an ordinary and a thermal camera. This enables us not only to make normal photo’s but also heat sensitive pictures during one and the same flight and compare the two versions.


Companies that  work with stocks need to have an accurate view of the supply because, after all, time may be money but so is stock. Thanks to the new technology (RFID) we are in a position to execute fast and reliable stock controls over a large surface. In the old days, this took hours or even days and the margin of error might have been as high as 10%. Drone Check fixes this problem in a matter of minutes with a margin of error smaller than 1% and this to the utmost satisfaction of our customers in the automobile and steel sectors.

Determining volume.

There are stocks which are not easy to capture as units. There is, for example, sand or think of specific raw materials. We are dealing here with big loads or heaps which are difficult to characterize in terms of exact volume. Drone Check offers a solution to make an inventory of these kinds of supply. Companies dealing with raw materials will be able to get a faithful view of the cubic meters they have in stock. On the basis of this, other important information may be inferred such as, for example, the amount of time that was needed to process a specific quantity of stock.

Land surveying and topography.

That drones may be used for the purpose of land surveying is fairly obvious. They provide you with, literally, a helicopter view without the price tag that comes with the use of a helicopter. Here, Drone Check may be of use in two ways. In a first stage we carry out a flight plan as requested by the customer who, afterwards, receives raw data from us based on the clouds of dots that our flight has gathered. In a second stage we proceed one step further and offer a total package in which we first gather clouds of dots which we then translate into a 3D-image  and if needed a topographical map.

Hiring out (Rental).

Those who happen to have the necessary permits to fly drones may sign in at our rental agency. Clearly, this is the ideal solution for those who don’t want to invest straightaway in highly technical (and hence expensive) equipment but nevertheless may still want to use drones to their advantage. Needless to say, we take care of the maintenance and the insurance of the apparatus. Please, feel free to enquire about our package involving previously hired out flying hours.


  • They make you save money. We can chart up to one hectare per day.
  • Drones make you save time as large areas may be charted 50 times faster than via control on the ground
  • Small teams can be deployed  rather fast and raise flexibility significantly.
  • Drones are extremely safe and therefore ideal to tackle areas with limited access and/or for a minimal period of action time as  they obtain the necessary data in a short span of time.
  • Drones provide information of high quality: detailed images, combined with accurate topographical data result in a state of the art digital  area survey and volume analyses.
  • Complete information allows you to take decisions based on real data  rather than on secondary data from the internet.
  • Favorable price tag: using a drone is far cheaper than opting for a helicopter.


  • We always provide perfect work: for each assignment we make a detailed risk analysis as well as a reliable planning.
  • We work with a specialized, operational team that satisfies all legal requirements and possesses the necessary medical certificates.
  • We constantly invest in training and instruction that will never fall short of the highest standards.
  • We remain abreast of all the relevant technological developments and constantly invest in the most recent technology.
  • We rely on a vast experience with knowledge of industrial sites and the relevant procedures.
  • We consider communication to be of the utmost importance and always work in close consultation with the customer or whoever happens to have commissioned us.
  • We are quite versatile and flexible depending on the specific needs of our clients.
  • We enjoy solid national and international partnerships which allow us to react immediately to your assignments abroad.


Our fleet consists of three different aircraft each of which has its own advantages and possibilities. The particular drone we put to use depends on the complexity of the assignment. Without going into technical details let us have a quick glance at what they have to offer.

Falcon 8

The Falcon 8 is one of the most advanced and highly technological craft currently available. It has two cameras on board: an ordinary one and a thermal one. This allows for two types of images to be made during the same flight. Furthermore, it is a very safe craft that contains three specimen of each critical component, which secures a safe landing even in case of a malfunction. The Falcon 8 is a drone meant for the heavy, rather severe work. It is put to use in the industry, both at sea and on shore. It has been fully approved for this. As a rule the apparatus is serviced by two people: a pilot and a cameraman.

photo: falcon 8 drone
photo: inspire 1 drone

Inspire 1

This semi professional craft allows us to carry out simple tasks rapidly. It disposes of a 4K camera that can turn horizontally over 360 degrees, 90 degrees downward and 15 degrees upward. The Inspire 1 is especially suited to produce images that need action and interaction and is serviced by two people: a cameraman shoots the film while the pilot concentrates on executing the flight and taking care of the flight’s safety.

Phantom 2

For superficial interventions we make use of the Phantom 2, a craft that lends itself ideally for fast control to allow for an overall impression. It is a convenient, simple, high quality drone  which is also useful in training. It can be operated by a  single  person who may both navigate the craft and control the camera at the same time.

photo: phantom 2 drone


As mentioned above, our team consists of experienced professional people. Our pilots have been trained in recognized Belgian training centers and, needless to say, dispose of the required permits to execute assignments in Belgian airspace. Furthermore, they can submit the necessary medical certificates.

Drone Check Partners

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