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Welcome at Dronecheck
Your drone service operator

Dronecheck is a specialised drone service operator for industrial Inspections. More and more industrial inspections can be carried out efficiently and safely using drones.
Via remote sensing, we map various assets visually, thermally and three-dimensionally. We do this for clients in the (petro)chemical, oil and gas and construction industries, among others. Thanks to drones, also called UAVs, we collect technical data in a safe and efficient way, saving our clients time and money. The data we collect using a drone is extremely accurate, providing you with the detailed information needed to make operational decisions in no time and with minimal risk. We effortlessly capture both hard-to-reach places, large areas, outdoor and indoor. Also underwater inspections using ROV's is among our capabilities.
Our drones help to observe and inspect assets as well as their surroundings, giving you all the information needed for maintenance, life span development, risk mitigation, engineering or insurance..
We are a motivated team that rises to any challenge! Thanks to high-quality cameras and advanced indoor and outdoor drones, we generate data for geometric solutions, point clouds and 3D models of flares, solar panels, ovens, bridges, high-voltage lines, dams, locks, monuments, etc. If you want to know more or if we can do something for you, please contact us!.

Dronecheck already offers its services across Europe. Since January 2021, European regulations have been in force and flying next door is relatively easy. Only for specific assignments that pose a higher risk due to environmental factors (port, industry...) will you continue to need a specialised partner to carry out your flight. This is precisely our strong point in which we have built up years of expertise. Our thorough risk analyses, redundant aircraft and experienced pilots guarantee a high-quality and safe service.

Our team is at your service 24/7 and carries out every assignment professionally for you.
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